Parnell Kindergarten

To create a new and exciting environment for its young pre-school children, Parnell kindergarten decided to redesign their existing standard outdoor playground space.

The new design sought to avoid the piecemeal fashion of its predecessor and utilised smooth curving paths through generously vegetated garden and lawn spaces. Stepping stone paths were incorporated throughout these spaces to provide access around the garden in a fun and friendly way.

A new entry was created featuring a welcoming pergola and grand double gates. The main entry path leads to a circular area with a mosaic designed by Kate Millington set into the concrete.

A new deck extends the existing kindergarten building into the garden and creates easy flow between the two spaces. The space is covered by a roof which extends slightly beyond the deck to provide a shaded location for eating lunch or sitting outside.

A large space along the western boundary of the site was retained as an open play area for the children. It is covered in e-soft fall matting to provide a safe environment for more active movement such as running.

Three separate lawn spaces were placed throughout this area to ensure the area would cater to a variety of activities and offer the children different experiences and opportunities for play.

The existing sand pit was retained minus some of the barriers which had enclosed it. Water was also included in a series of ponds offering the experience of a new element while providing an attractive visual feature.

The existing vegetated area in the north-eastern corner was enhanced with extra planting to create a forest atmosphere.

Smaller design features such as a fairy garden, stone circle, rustic hut and carpentry house were included to offer a range of recreational and educational activities.

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