Greys Avenue Apartments

Greys Avenue apartment towers in the central city will provide high density living, integrating café, retail and gym facilities, while incorporating both private and public use.

The design strongly orientates along the primary axis of the site, perpendicular to the main building. Pedestrian routes to amenities are though extensively landscaped spaces.

Elements of the landscape design include:


Water has been used as an element to soothe the senses and soften hard landscaping. There is a sculptured cascade wall, and around the cafe and retail area tiled surfaces are surrounded by reflection pools and fountains.

Themed garden areas - the roof, terrace, podium, secluded and individual apartment gardens provide both private and public outdoor spaces.

Water, basalt walls, grassed areas, courtyard and boundary planting are designed to connect spaces and integrate with the surrounding built environment

This project required consultation and liaison with architects, engineers, 3D animators, the developers and their marketing team.

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