Surrey Apartments

This project comprises a multi-unit residential development in a mixed use zone. It is a high quality environment that provides attractive outdoor communal facilities and identifiable private garden areas.

Pedestrian routes incorporate innovative approaches to the definition and characterisation of linear public spaces.

The landscape design addresses:


A café at street level fronts the complex leading to the main plaza, which intersects apartment buildings. This linear space is paved, lined with an avenue of palms and bordered with water features and seating. Terraced gardens soften the boundary between private and public space.

At the entrance to the main plaza a waterfall cascades down a stone wall, perpendicular to the ground plane. Vertical water features are set in pebble or paved areas and pools.

A smaller, private plaza with reflection pools, low basalt walls, timber decking, paving and screen and feature planting was designed to be viewed from apartments above, while functioning as an entrance to apartments below.

This project required scaled concept plans and detailed sketches to be reproduced in 3D animation.

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