Hibiscus Coast Highway

This strategic transport and streetscape project on SH1 has the objective of winning back the Hibiscus Coast Highway through Orewa for the town. The plan is part of downgrading the road from State Highway to arterial route.

Project proposals include plans to:


A phased project is proposed for the progressive improvement of the Hibiscus Coast Highway between Empire Road and south ofWest Hoe Road.

Project phases are to be structured in keeping with the changing status of the highway from its present status to the point where the motorway serving Orewa is extended northwards to Puhoi:

Phase 1 - Short Term - Landscaping, traffic calming and improvement of visual links and pedestrian links between Orewa and the beachfront.
Phase 2 - Medium Term - Further traffic calming, intersection improvements and parking improvements.
Phase 3 - Long Term - Implementation of the full plan after motorway extension and alternative circulation routes are in place, fundamentally altering the nature and function of the road.

With some streetscape works now completed the project demonstrates all stages in the implementation of a coherent overall development plan. Project in association with Opus International Consultants.

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