State Highway 20 Link

The SH20 to SH1 motorway link will be of strategic importance for Manukau City. With tourism in the country growing every year, Manukau is positioned to become the first stop for increasing numbers of international visitors to the country.

This stretch of motorway has the opportunity to showcase Manukau City, and encourage visitors to spend time in the city and build a memorable image of the city.

The approach to the design includes enhancing the visual fabric of the motorway, with urban design and landscape interventions to convey a rich sense of place. Its physical and temporal relationship with the airport and coast is also acknowledged in the planting and structures.

The design:


Key features:

Landscape design:
Key features of the design build on the existing landscape features of the motorway link including topography, views, vegetation, and proximity to Manukau city centre.

Urban Design:
A family of bridges and structures that relate to their urban and suburban context, also to provide visual enhancement via specific artwork.

Planting Design:
Vegetation is used to reinforce a landscape sequence in the motorway corridor and provide a design for the short, medium and long term.

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