Tiverton Road / Wolverton Street

In June 2003 Thresher Associates completed a Landscape Appraisal to assess the effects of the proposed widening along Tiverton and Wolverton Roads in West Auckland. This was a consultancy role commissioned by Sinclair Knight & Merz. Thresher Associates were required to assess and comment on likely impacts of two different road widening options. Assessment included analyzing the effects on the landscape, pedestrians and local residents of the area.

Thresher Associates were asked to advise on strategies to minimize or mitigate the impacts of some high impact areas of the widening options. Another requirement was to find additional opportunities within the roadway for further landscape treatment to mitigate adverse effects of the road widening.

A general streetscape treatment was suggested to create a cohesive design for Tiverton and Wolverton Roads. Locations within the corridor suitable for further landscape design were identified and preliminary design concepts were suggested.

The corridor was broken down into different character zones each with its own physical and social issues. In response to the requirements of each zone, suggestions and ideas were given for suitable landscape mitigation. Thorough inspection and analysis of both the site and of the road widening options in plan form, identified areas of the road reserve that held potential for landscape mitigation. Suggested landscape treatments for these areas ranged from roadway revegetation (building on existing plant groupings), to urban design responses in the commercial areas

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