Akoranga Drive Upgrade

The Akoranga Drive Upgrade is an important project in North Shore City's ongoing road network improvements to promote public transport use. To ensure this upgrade provides the desired outcomes an urban design report was prepared.

This report reviews the impacts of proposals to upgrade a 1.2 km length of Akoranga Drive, which runs from Northcote Road to The Warehouse Way and connects to the Northern Motorway at the Akoranga Drive/Esmonde Road on ramp. The proposals have a number of impacts on the environment beyond the immediate and obvious impacts of changes to carriageway widths and kerb alignments. Adjacent neighbours, property boundaries and boundary treatments, berms, footpaths, trees and public transport facilities are also affected.

The landscape concept plan differentiates a four series of zones along the route by the use of visual cues to help regulate traffic speed, define land use and increase safety. Landscape improvements also help to mitigate the impacts of increased traffic volumes and provide cohesion within the site and create emphasis at intersections where required.

This project presents a number of streetscape opportunities, however these require a flexible approach to achieve preferred outcomes, as there is limited space in a number of important locations. The key to achieving a successful streetscape outcome is by taking an integrated approach to the design, looking to improve shared boundaries or neighbouring sites where necessary, borrowing amenity from adjacent sites where possible.

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