Landscape Reports

Thresher Associates consultant Sally Peake is involved with the development and writing of reports for a variety of different planning projects. Reports can vary in content and Sally been involved with landscape assessments, landscape reviews and statements, visual assessments and urban design reports.

Projects include:

Farm Cove

The site is located within a small shopping centre serving a residential neighbourhood in the Auckland suburb of Farm Cove. The proposed cell site comprises antennas to be mounted within a modified sign on the frontage of the shopping centre together with an equipment cabinet next to the sign.

The proposal is for the establishment and operation of a telecommunications cell site to improve the quality of mobile phone coverage in the area. The existing sign is 6m high, sited on the edge of the existing carpark.

Caltex, Mt Wellington

The site is located on the eastern side of Mt Wellington Highway within the general area formerly occupied by Sylvia Park warehousing. The application is being made to redevelop the existing service station to expand the services offered.

The nature of the change and the scale of the expansion are expected to result in no-low landscape impact and would not result in any material effects. Some vegetation removal is proposed, including some palms and mature Puka, but the extent of new planting would offset their loss.

Sylvia Park, Mt Wellingon

Thresher Associates Ltd was requested by Auckland City Council to undertake a review of the proposed landscape treatment of the proposed development of two new office blocks and associated carparking and landscaping on Mt. Wellington Highway, at Sylvia Park Business Centre

As well as reviewing the applicant’s information, the proposal and applicant’s Urban Design Assessment, the proposal was also been reviewed against the following key matters:

Telstra Clear, Tauranga

Thresher Associates was requested by Harrison Grierson Consultants on behalf of TelstraClear New Zealand Ltd to undertake an evaluation of the potential landscape/visual effects of a proposal for a telecommunication facility at a number of locations around Tauranga.

Landscape assessment within the context of this report was used in a broad sense to encompass the general meaning of assessment and ways of looking at, describing, and evaluating the landscape. Photo montages were created by Threshers Associates and used in this report to illustrate the possible visual impact the proposed telecommunication antenna might have on the surrounding area.

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