Sandringham Road / Mt Albert Road Intersection

The proposals offer two lanes of traffic each way for peak-hour use. Depending on time of day, the inboard lane is either a bus/cycle lane or a parking/cycle lane.

Alternate Proposal:
The alternate proposal does not favour traffic turning across the flow with a separate pocket or lane. However improvements proposed include adjustments to kerb lines, minor narrowing to reduce vehicular carriageway widths, provision of pedestrian friendly environmental enhancements including berms with trees, planted medians and adequate weatherproof bus shelters sited close to the intersection.

A report was created to identify and evaluate the impacts of the proposals and suggests streetscape enhancement.

The proposals as currently drafted have a number of impacts on the environment beyond the immediate and obvious impacts of changes to carriageway widths and kerb alignments. Adjacent neighbours, property boundaries treatments, berms, footpaths, trees, public transport facilities and the canopy of a neighbour building are also affected.

The road widening proposals would require the removal of existing trees in the vicinity of the intersection, together with general reduction of the footpath/berm width, adjustment to various private frontages addressing access issues and frontage treatments, replacement and/or relocation of bus shelters or seats and removal of part of the canopy of the corner shop.

The proposals have been assessed once from a general public/urban design point of view, however they could be assessed for instance from a "same, better, worse" from a vehicle user/conventional traffic engineering point of view.

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