96 Symonds St.

90 and 96 Symonds Street forecourt;
The concept plan identifies this area as a single continuous paved shared surface reflecting a pedestrian style treatment that accommodates but does not prioritise vehicular movement.

98-100 Symonds Street - Peace Software car park
The concept identifies the opportunity for the footpath to the main entrance to be improved, by replacing the existing uneven and dilapidated paving.

96 Symonds Street frontage
The design of the frontage seeks to differentiate the entrances to the tower lobby and the café terrace, maintaining good sight-lines into the terrace whilst creating a threshold, and a sense of enclosure and protection for the café terrace.

Entry to the tower lobby and café
The significance of this area is further emphasised by the presence of two pools animated by a series of bubbler fountains.

Level change and entry to the café terrace
To enter the space the visitor reorientates to descend a short flight of steps and is offered a view of the water feature with basalt columns allowing glimpses through to the fountains beyond.

Integrated treatment of building signage etc
The requirements for building signage, venting, fire service mimic panels and riser inlets visible from the street have been carefully sized and integrated to make a positive contribution to the street frontage.

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