Gills Road

The development is located above the Lucas Creek escarpment to the north east of Albany Village and forms part of a designated residential expansion zone where subdivision and residential development is currently occurring.

The landscape context combines a rural and rural-residential landscape character - a mixture of pastoral lots and small holdings, interspersed with remnant native forest and scrub. As well as a more urban or suburban landscape consistent with its zoning within the Albany Structure Plan area.

The brief was to design a residential development which incorporated both quality living space for residents while recognising and preserving the local character of the area and retaining significant landscape elements.

Landscape proposals for individual house lots were designed to provide useable outdoor living areas with low planting entry feature gardens within each property to add amenity.

Hedging was used to soften the site boundary fencing and strategically placed specimen trees used in the rear gardens, provided structure to the space and privacy from neighbouring properties without any adverse impact on solar access.

The road reserve was visually extended ensuring a sense of spaciousness, by the exclusion of solid fences and minimal planting fronting the residential properties. The openness of property frontages improved safety by enabling passive surveillance of the street from dwellings and allowed the development to be read as a whole when viewed from the street.

Liquidambar trees were planted around the edges of the village green to provide spatial definition and enclosure. The liquidambars provide seasonal interest and help to present the space as the focal point for the development. A covered seating area was designed for the centre of the recreation space and offered residents an area to sit and relax or entertain guests. The structure also framed a view towards a feature pohutukawa on the main primary visual axis in the space beyond.

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