Onehunga Mall

Brief: To create a unique landscape, which defines the relationship between public and private space on the site, encouraging a sense of security for residents and communal ownership of semi-public spaces. To develop public plaza spaces which are interesting, safe and inviting for residents to use.

The two plazas provide contrasting outdoor experiences focused on fulfilling the needs of different groups.

Plaza One
A sculptural childrens landscape that explores the notion of high ground and low ground, hill and plain. Plaza one is an unconventional playground, encouraging exploration and interaction to inspire imaginative impromptu play.

Plaza Two
Providing a contrast with Plaza one, plaza two is an adult focused landscape, a private contemplative space. Contoured into a shallow amphitheatre, seating is placed to capture views into an accessible landscape, encouraging a feeling of meditative serenity.

There are three water feature walls which create a strong vertical element within their settings. The water feature recurs three times in the site; once at the end of the central walkway and once at the boundary end of each plaza.

The water features are made up of three walls of differing heights and widths. These walls have a facade of pitched face linear basalt and range between two and three metres in height. Water flows from the top of the walls down the visible sides and drains away via a grate set into the ground.

On the central walkway the water feature creates a destination and a focus for the courtyard, the paving feature creates a strong horizontal contrast and leads directly to the base of the foremost water feature wall.

In the plaza areas a distant focal point is created by the water feature, accentuating the size of the space and suggesting the fourth wall in a landscape otherwise contained by buildings.

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