Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten

The brief  was to develop and prepare construction drawings of the existing design to a standard ready for construction and co-ordinate and project manage the development of the Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten.

The updating and enhancement of an existing Blockhouse Bay Kindergarten landscape plan allowed Thresher Associates to create a more innovative and stimulating garden and playground space for the children.

Two gates are situated along the entry path to ensure the safety of the children. A sitting area is included before the second gate providing a space for parents to sit and watch their children. Citrus trees are planted in this sensory learning garden so as to encourage interaction, through sight, smell, touch and taste. The path leads into an open area which includes a sandpit and connects to a newly decked building entrance. The space is concreted with mosaics created by children, set in squares.

At the far edge of the sandpit a trail of rocks leads down to an adjoining rock and tussock area. In a safefall area bordered with logs, planting and sleepers contains a double swing set. A path connects this area with a flat grass space for use with moveable play structures.

The path continues to a second safefall area with a large decked octagonal playstructure providing for multiply entertainment activities. A second lawn area is encircled by a path extending from the main concrete court. The visual experience in this area is increased with the inclusion of an existing moveable bridge spanning a ‘sea’ of blue grass planting. The path continues to a boat shaped playstructure with deck with steel clad hull. This space links back to the larger playstructure safefall area with small log steps.

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