Dannimora Retirement Village

The brief was fairly open in specific requests except that it was to be the main showcase garden for the village and should have suitable impact.

The design process involved consultation with residents to find out what particular things they wanted to see in the garden. Specific requests included petanque courts, a putting green and feature gardens for a variety of plant types including roses, annuals, and fruiting trees.

The design sought to provide a series of primary pathways connecting the surrounding buildings to each other which were easily navigable for people of various abilities. Secondary pathways provide cross connections and a main loose surfaced tree lined promenade allows inter-garden meandering via a range of different routes.

Perimeter gardens provide each unit with a private garden opening onto lawns and tree lined pathways help establish a degree of separation between private and public areas.

A series of garden rooms for specific activities or planting themes were created to provide a variety of places to go and experience to suit different moods. These include a rose room with central water feature, a small contemplative garden surrounded by hedging, a sunken terrace located in the sunniest area of the gardens as well as shade gardens, citrus gardens and a main show garden for massed flowering annual and perennial species.

Twin petanque courts and lawns which can be used as a series of putting greens provide opportunity for individual and group activities which allow the gardens to be used for both passive and active recreational purposes.

Built structures help to establish character and variety through the garden and these include a pergola which provides a vine covered entry to the rose room, the sunken terrace and to be built in the next stage is a trellised arbour and an elevated terrace providing outlook over the gardens.

Tree planting includes both evergreen and deciduous species so that the gardens have a year round structure and softness while still allowing good sun penetration in the winter months.

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