Tiverton Rd - Stage 2

As part of the Council plan for road widening along Tiverton and Wolverton Rd, Thresher associates was involved to develop a landscape strategy for the streetscape treatment. An urban design assessment was carried out in September 2003 as part of a previous stage, and has been integrated into the landscape strategy. It included a survey and appraisal of the streetscape environment and proposed a landscape (and urban design) strategy and treatments in relation to the proposed new carriageway proposals.

The landscape treatments for key zones seek to strengthen and enhance the character areas in terms of topographical conditions, existing vegetation patterns and built form which people recognise as characteristic of their immediate surrounds

The two character areas located within this section of work include areas 5 and 6 and a discussion of their respective treatments is set out below.

The street tree selection has evolved over time from on-going consultation with council arborists and has resulted in a more streamlined approach with species selection responding to local environmental conditions. Additionally the narrow berm outcome has lead to the inclusion of a cabbage tree and groundcover treatment to areas where there is not enough room for large tree planting and where it is considered there is not enough separation between footpath and carriageway.

Concept drawings were prepared showing the proposed trees to be retained and new tree planting. Photo montages were also prepared to show how tree pruning would affect the visual qualities of the area and how additional planting could help to mitigate this.

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