Rakino Island Report


Thresher Associates Ltd was requested by Barker & Associates Ltd to undertake an evaluation of the potential landscape and visual effects of a proposed jetty.

The proposed development is located on Pohutukawa Bay in the south west corner of Rakino Island. The application is being made on behalf of two adjoining properties without road access and consequently no access to the wharf at Sandy Bay. Access is therefore currently by boat.

The assessment of landscape effects in this context is primarily concerned with effects on landscape character and amenity values. The site is located on the coastline and within an area valued for its natural character. Equally, Pohutukawa Bay is located within the Hauraki Gulf which is a renowned maritime recreation area where boats and related activities and infrastructure such as boat ramps, jetties and moorings are part of its intrinsic character.

The methodology used to assess visual effects involved looking at the physical catchment and character that would be exposed to visual change, the nature of the audience who would experience that change, and the scale, type and intensity of change. From the land, the only audience that would be able to see the jetty or boat ramp would be residents on the applicants’ land and (potentially) the property opposite to the east. This property is a considerable distance away (over a kilometre) and appears to have no views from the existing residence. The only views available are therefore from the water, and those views would also be limited to boats traveling past the end of the island or going to or from Home Bay.

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