Barrack Rd Retirement Village


The proposed development is on a roughly ‘L’ shaped site with a short boundary onto Barrack Road and the balance of the site surrounded by a mix of residential housing and commercial warehousing. The land is currently vacant being partly occupied by former Fisher and Paykel playing fields. The area in the south east corner appears to be a former carpark overgrown with weeds and has been used for dumping.

The applicant proposes to develop a retirement and housing complex within the site. The proposed works involves construction of a multi-level retirement housing complex comprising of single level one bedroom units and associated services such as gymnasium, swimming pool, restaurant, hall, administration area and basement car parking. These units and facilities are arranged in a group of adjoining buildings ranging in height from three to four levels with a single level of subgrade carparking. A further separate three level apartment block is to house fifteen single and double floor units. In addition to the apartment buildings, thirty eight two storey units with associated vehicle parking are to be built.

Landscape proposals address treatment of driveways or parking bays, entrance pathways, living courts and decks, utility courts, fencing, hedging and specimen trees to each lot. Additionally two tennis courts, a children’s playground, and a small communal landscaped garden are provided.

The landscape design addresses the following issues:

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