Kauri Park Kindergarten

Kauri Park Kindergarten required a new design for their garden and playground area. This involved:

Demolition and removal of the existing sandpit, retaining around garden and bark area, concrete paths and elm tree.

Supply and installation of:


The design for the Kauri Park playground includes a range of materials. Large areas of bark, lawn, soft fall matting and concrete provide a multitude of spaces offering a variety of different play opportunities.

Surrounding these spaces is a landscape of lush planting including a selection of trees, shrubs, low vegetation and groundcovers. The dense foliage creates a visually stimulating environment allowing for the exploration and discovery of the individual play areas.

Interlacing paths meander through the areas of planting, connecting the different playground spaces. Wooden walkways and stairs, log steps and a slide link and create exciting transitions between the spaces.

The new sandpits sit on either side of a walkway and connect to a new decked area shaded underneath an existing tree.

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